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Your Questions Answered About Advertising During The Coronavirus

It’s no secret that the COVID-19 outbreak has brought widespread disastrous effects on so many communities across the Country and planet. It’s a confusing time, especially for small and medium-sized business owners. One of the things you might be wondering is how to approach your advertising strategy, or if you should approach it at all. So we’ve rounded up the answers to all of your possible advertising questions to hopefully shed a little light on the subject. Q: Should I be advertising my business at all during this outbreak? A: Yes! People are spending more time than ever on the internet, so it’s actually a great time to keep up your online presence. Just be cautious and go about it in a tactful way. Tensions are running really high, so be sensitive and do your best not to come off as if you’re taking advantage of people during this difficult time. Q: Are my sales going to be affected? A: Yes, we’ll give it to you straight – a dip in sales is going to be felt across nearly all industries. Q: What metrics are going to change? A: You can expect your CPC, CTR & ad quality to change. Q: How is this going to affect my budget? A: During a time like this, it’s best to stay flexible with your budget. It might be a good idea to lower it at first and play it by ear. If you’re seeing good numbers, you can always scale it back up. Q: Should I lower my budget? A: Yes, to be safe, we recommend you do so! On the other hand if you’re seeing steady numbers, you can always scale your budget higher. Q: Do I need bid caps? A: You shouldn’t need to, unless you're seeing your costs skyrocket.

Q: Do I need to be posting content? A: Yes! People need quality content more than ever while stuck at home. Just be mindful of the tone and type of content you post. Know that the social climate is changing quickly so try to keep up and never make light of outbreak or question safety measures. Think educational and helpful content – or something for pure entertainment. For example, this is a great time to start a challenge and engage with your followers! Q: How can I avoid social media pitfalls? A: Stay away from posting anything that can cause misinformation, could be taken as tone deaf of insensitive by those suffering most. This can include posting sales or promotions for the time being, unless they are directly related to easing your audience’s struggles. Even then, this tactic might be seen as self-serving and you don’t want to come off like you’re taking advantage of people’s hardship. Even if you do everything right, you may notice an increase in negative comments on your social media feed. Listen, but also know that it may be a result of the general angst people are experiencing and nothing against you or your brand personally. Q: Are my ads going to get more expensive? A: Because there are less people advertising, your ads shouldn't get more expensive. Q: What steps can I take today to best position my company? A: In some ways it’s business as usual, but in many ways it’s not! As we said, tensions are running high and most people aren’t purchasing anything except the necessities. Make sure you remain sensitive to the changing status quo and review all of your advertisements if they’ve been scheduled in advance. What was acceptable even a few days ago may no longer be today, so keep abreast of the changing attitudes to adjust your strategy and leverage accordingly. We do not recommend you push any sales during this time, instead turn to brand awareness and growing your following. There are plenty of ways to reach your audience during this difficult time, so it’s up to you to keep that communication beneficial and sensitive to their current situation. If you are a business that lends itself well to home quarantine activities, such as books, food, basic necessities or even VR, there are plenty of ways to connect and support your customers. It goes without saying that you should do your best to comply with the safety standards put forth by the WHO and never do anything that would jeopardize the safety of your audience. Urge them to stay at home and be a voice of calm and reason during a chaotic period – you’ll be rewarded with their loyalty when it’s all over.

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