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We Made 10 Mistakes on Social Media, So You Don’t Have To — A Startup Founders Guide

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

Loving your social media engagement? You’re probably trying a ton of different things to ramp up engagement. On the way to mastering anything, it’s easy to make a lot of mistakes, I mean, we did.

Here are 10 social media mistakes we made-

Not Having a Plan

Always, always, always approach your social media content with a plan. You can easily while the hours away on any social media platform, just download TicToc. I PROMISE you won’t stop scrolling for hours… They’re designed that way!

Make sure you have a solid plan to reach your new customers before you create your first post. Content can easily go down any road on social media, just make sure to find your audience. Find the right content, hashtags and stories to post. Make sure it’s the right ones.

Not Having Defined KPIs

Define your KPIs, and make sure that they really translate to sales for your business. Agencies are great at making anything look like gold…Social media has a lot of statistics. You can measure pretty much everything. Some samples:


Not Having a Dedicated Social Media Team

It may at first seem like a good idea to get different people to “pitch in” on social media. But you don’t want that, actually! Like anything, social media has outcomes and takes a certain number of hours and skill.

You have to make time and set deliverables for anyone working on your socials. Too many cooks ruin the food, same applies to your socials. Be sure to keep things clear and concise.

Not Using Video

Video gets amazing results on every platform. People love that sh*t. Make sure that you have access to a good camera and cameraman for your company. Put your best foot forward!

Using the Same Content Across Platforms

All platforms have their own lingo. Reach your audience with an authentic, relevant voice by using the right tone and style for each platform. It’s not as easy as it looks!

Those who master social media spend a good amount of time tailoring their content to each platform. Give your team the time and resources to hone this skill, and your bottom line will thank you.

(Don’t beat yourself up, if you still post the same content across all channels… We sometimes do too, if it works.)

Neglecting the Human Element

Being human on social media means responding eloquently to comments, following people you truly admire, and joining the conversation.

Avoid canned responses or anything that sounds too corporate. Don’t just follow people you want to be like! Connect with those in real life, whether they are customers, colleagues, or friends.

Not Responding to Negative Comments

It’s a little bit counterintuitive, but you should always respond to negative notes. Think of this as a chance to up your customer service game, no matter what happened.

Acquiring Fake Followers

Fake followers won’t do anything for your bottom line. Don’t worry about having huge numbers of followers. Pursue followers who will really engage positively with your brand.

Using Too Many Accounts

Everything needs to be manageable. Pick just one or two accounts to work with. It’s unlikely that all are relevant to your business anyways.

Like in everything, you have to focus your efforts.

Not Having a Social Media Policy

Social media content must sound consistent and professional. But they won’t know what to do in the absence of a policy! Write out what you need and what you can’t allow.

These are some of the mistakes we made. Avoid making the same ones and make your own. What are some lessons you’ve learned recently? Share them in the comments below.

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