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The Project.

FashionValiant is one of the largest direct-to-consumer retailers of accessories and beauty products for young females, aged 13-17. FashionValiant was looking to increase its paid advertising efforts in order to acquire additional customers, in a crowded market. Eunomia Digital was tasked with increasing the companies ROAS through channels such as Facebook, Instagram and Google Shopping. 


Prior to working with Eunomia Digital, FashionValiant had seen mixed results from its social media marketing (SMM) initiatives. Working with FashionValiant, Eunomia Digital was able to identify key areas of improvement that aligned the company’s business objectives with a digital strategy that converted. 


The Challenge.


Our first mission was to help the company differentiate itself from other brands. With a limited budget, we further analyzed  past advertisement  efforts to garner best practices and learnings that we could incorporate into future ads. 


By most measures, FashionValiant’s ads were underperforming similar competitors. With lower ROAS, high CPC and CPP, the company needed a complete overhaul of its current advertising portfolio. 


That’s where Eunomia Digital stepped in to help reconstruct their ad account and completely revamp their ads from the ground up implementing best practices that would help boost brand visibility, provide greater control over budget and allow for easy scaling.

Our Approach.

With profitability the #1 goal for the company, establishing a Return on Ad Spend goal - or ROAS - was paramount in guiding our strategy. With a thorough analysis of FashionValiant’s current offering & profit margin, together, we set an ambitious ROAS goal. Eunomia Digital became an extension of FashionValiants team in Q1 of 2019. Guided by a user’s journey we optimized key touch points of the store, improving the user experience. With a solid store in place, we focused our attention on testing different ad formats. Using different types of visuals and messaging enabled us to engage with alternate audience segments.


For example, some customers resonated with user-generated content, others preferred high-quality product photos, or some might like to interact with video content. By appreciating the differences in the target audience, and creating ads accordingly, we managed to spread our ads to a wider market. We’re proud to say that throughout iterating and testing different creatives and formats, we managed to outperform our ROAS goal.


Not only were we able to help increase revenue by 3457%, by improving their social media ads, but we helped build a strategy that saw FashionValiant continue to grow throughout different channels & mediums. 


We achieved a lot together, but here are a few of the things we are most proud of: 

  • 3457% Increase In Revenue

  • 24% Average ROAS

  • 52% Increase in AOV

  • 500 Brand Ambassador Network

  • Grew Following to 7000 on Instagram

Oh, and did we mention? All UNDER budget.


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